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Dark Entries

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"Nothing returns to naught; but all return
At their collapse to primal forms of stuff."
--Titus Lucretius Carus, De Rerum Natura, Book I

Hmm, what's to be said? I am an archaeologist who is himself a sort of relic in the goth scene, although I am very well preserved, if I do say so myself. I am married to the most wonderful woman who not only has beauty and impeccable taste, but a keen intellect. In addition to my private side, I have two public lives--my academic/professional life, and my club/scene life. Juggling them can be a bit of a challenge sometimes, but the rewards I reap assure me it's worthwhile. "It's all worthwhile..."

A gothy university prof who is sometimes a professorly goth. I originally set up this journal to post playlists, so people who are so inclined can find out what I'm spinning. I DJ'ed a great deal in Pittsburgh ca 1989-1991, moved to NYC, was limelight regular from 91-94, then to New England, where you've seen me out at Man Ray, Hell (Providence), and occasionally Ceremony...if you've been in those places between 95 and 2005. A few of those years were spent living in Europe, where I always found good clubs with good music. In 2004, I got back into spinning with a residency at the Dark Lady in Providence, but the time wasn't right as long as Club Hell's long-running goth night was on the same night of the week.

I returned to the Dark Lady to organize and DJ at Sanctuary Sundays, Providence's newest goth night. It's going along swimmingly, and I'm especially glad we have such an incredibly talented staff. In addition, I play guitar in the Dirge Carolers. I love writing music. I almost forgot this joy completely the first 10 or so years I lived in New England. I had been playing out and recording with a few bands and projects in NYC, but I stopped to concentrate on grad school when I moved north.

What does Atterlothe mean? Well, atterlothe (attorlaðe) is an Anglo-Saxon word found in the earliest known "magical" document in the English language, the "Nine Herbs Charm." Scholars have proposed a few hypotheses as to which plant it may refer, but my favorite, of course, is "Deadly Nightshade," which, you will know, if you are well-studied in the works of Tim Burton, can be hidden in soup by the addition of enough "Frog's Breath."

All of that said, if you see me out, I favor my real name. I keep the handles for DJ'ing and the internet.